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Inverness (01463)

01463 is the area code for the Inverness area
This number type is : Geographic Numbers - Geographic Area Codes and applicable Geographic Area.

Providers of this area code are:

Callagenix 01463
Affiniti Integrated Solutions Ltd 0146354
Andrews & Arnold (Numbers) Ltd 0146351
API Telecom Limited 0146335
Atomstream Limited 0146354
Bicom Systems EURL 0146335
British Sky Broadcasting Limited 0146355, 0146356
Broadcast Telecom Ltd 0146335
BT 0146322, 0146323, 0146324, 0146325, 0146366, 0146370, 0146371, 0146372, 0146373, 0146374, 0146375, 0146376, 0146377, 0146378, 0146379, 0146381, 0146383, 0146386, 0146387, 0146388
Calltracks Limited 0146354
CFL Communications Limited 0146353
Cheers International Sales Limited 0146355
Coms.Com Ltd 0146329
Content Guru Ltd 0146335
Core Telecom Limited 0146354
Danemere Street Creative 0146362
Digitech Solutions Global Limited 0146354
Edge Telecom Limited 0146369
FleXtel Limited 0146360
Fluency Communications Ltd 0146356
Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd 0146321
Globecom International Limited 0146355
Hello Telecom (UK) PLC 0146326
i-Net Communications Group Plc 0146353
ICC Networks Ltd 0146335
iHub UK Ltd 0146356
In Call Solutions Limited 0146355
Inclarity Communications Ltd 0146361, 0146361, 0146361, 0146361
INET Telecoms Ltd (Voipfone) 0146351
InTechnology Plc 0146320
Internexus Networks Limited 0146326
Invoco Ltd 0146326
Invomo Ltd 0146353
IOVOX Limited 0146335
IP Base Ltd 0146355
IPV6 Limited 0146351
Kalnet4u Ltd 0146356
Known Communications Limited 0146353
Linear Telecoms Limited 0146326
Liquid 11 Limited 0146356
Magnetic North Software Limited 0146354
Magrathea Telecommunications Limited 0146389
Mars Communications Limited 0146351
Minotaur Telecom Limited 0146356
Mundio Mobile Limited 0146353
Netfuse Telecom Ltd 0146356
Nexbridge Communications Limited 0146326
Nexus Telecommunications Limited 0146353
Nodemax Limited 0146351
Numbergroup Network Ltd 0146354
Orange Business Holdings UK Limited 0146356
Orbis Telecom 0146353
Orbtalk Limited 0146326
Outsourcery Hosting Ltd 0146335
Phone Co-Op Numbering Limited 0146355
Premium O Limited 0146348
PTGI International Carrier Services Ltd 0146353
Pulsant (Scotland) Limited 0146351
Radius Communications Limited 0146356
Resilient Networks Plc 0146339, 0146339, 0146339
Simwood eSMS Limited 0146335
Six Degrees Unified Comms Limited 0146384
Skyweb Limited 0146326
Solutios Limited 0146351
Spitfire Network Services Ltd 0146337
Suretec Systems Ltd 0146354
Switch Services Ltd 0146353
Syntec Limited 0146368
TalkTalk Communications Limited 0146326, 0146341, 0146341, 0146341
Telecom2 Ltd 0146351
Telephone Box Limited 0146355
Telephony Services Limited 0146363
TelXL Ltd 0146350, 0146350, 0146350
Tesla Dynamic Ltd 0146355
TG Support Limited 0146328
Tuxtel Ltd 0146335
Verizon UK Ltd 0146353
Vodafone Ltd (C&W) 0146355
Vodafone Ltd (Thus) 0146327, 0146327, 0146327, 0146327, 0146327, 0146327, 0146327, 0146327, 0146327, 0146327
VoiceHost Limited 0146354
Voxbone SA 0146349
We Love Communications Limited 0146335
Windsor Telecom Plc 0146354
XoverX Ltd 0146356
Ziron (UK) Ltd 0146351
Latest News
20 Feb

Sport is a great leveller, so the saying goes. No matter the level of funding, no matter how highly skilled the players, there is always a chance that the underdog can pull off an unexpected victory over a more seasoned or experienced rival.

So when Lincoln City beat a premiership team to become the first nonleague club to reach the quarter-finals of the FA Cup in 105 years, it’s hardly surprising that it gave rise to considerable interest in the press. Without commenting on the specifics of that game, whenever a sporting encounter goes against the run of form sooner or later the question of luck comes into play. But whilst luck may occasionally play its part, you don’t overcome more fancied opposition unless you put in some hard work in building an understanding of your opponent and devising ways of overcoming their strengths.

Even so, overturning the form book is still rare enough to cause considerable excitement in sporting circles. Perhaps this is one area where sport doesn’t reflect life; with the rise in technology levelling the business playing field to a far greater extent. In a world in which businesses can easily communicate across the globe, small organisations are increasingly finding themselves competing with larger and longer established organisations.

Take telephony for example. In the past businesses were constrained by the number of telephone lines which they could afford to install within their offices. Multiple lines generally meant deploying a manually operated switchboard, all of which added to the cost base.

Nowadays having multiple telephone numbers doesn’t necessarily mean having to have multiple telephone lines connecting into the business. And once calls reach an office they can be automatically redirected by a programmable virtual switchboard, using press button, voice activated or caller recognition techniques to direct calls seamlessly to the right area. With the cost of automated switchboards representing a considerable saving on manual exchanges, smaller organisations can now match larger businesses in terms of call handling functionality.

All this before we look at the available choice of business telephone numbers. Businesses no longer have to have a physical presence in an area in order to offer a telephone number from that area. With a range of regional, national and international numbers available both on a pay or freephone basis, companies can now use their choice of phone number, or numbers, as an integral part of their marketing mix. Here again, with the same range of telephone numbers being available to them, smaller organisations can compete on a more equal footing with larger businesses.

What if there is no one around to take the call? Well then there are other deployable options including information lines, answer phones or call divert to external virtual assistant services. The key to success here is to work out a range of business telephony options which best match your customer profile. All it takes is a little bit of planning and preparation in order to ensure that you are using a range of telephone numbers and telephony systems which will encourage customers or suppliers to pick up the phone and get in touch. In other words, by deploying the advantages brought about through technological advances; in telephony terms small businesses are now very much in the game.


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