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London (02030)

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02030 is the area code for the London area
This number type is : Outer London area code, replaced the 0181 prefix used previously. Geographic Numbers - Geographic Area Codes and applicable Geographic Area.

Providers of this area code are:

Callagenix 02030
Andrews & Arnold Ltd 0203095
Atlas Interactive Group Limited 0203081
BT 0203007, 0203010, 0203022, 0203024, 0203027, 0203033, 0203044, 0203052, 0203055, 0203062, 0203066, 0203067, 0203068, 0203069, 0203071, 0203072, 0203073, 0203074, 0203075, 0203076, 0203077, 0203078, 0203080, 0203083, 0203084, 0203087, 0203088, 0203089, 0203093
Callax Limited 0203085
Cheers International Sales Limited 0203090
CLEMCOM 0203098
Cobalt Telephone Technologies 0203046
COLT Technology Services 0203003, 0203023, 0203036, 0203037, 0203038, 0203047, 0203048, 0203049, 0203059
Digital Mail Limited 0203000
Griffin Information Systems Ltd 0203079
Icron Network Limited 0203013
InTechnology Plc 0203040
Invomo Ltd 0203020
Level 3 Communications UK Limited 0203014
PD Media Limited 0203029
Plus Telecom Limited 0203035
Served Up Limited. 0203030
Six Degrees Unified Comms Limited 0203017
Skype Communications SA 0203032
Subhan Universal Limited 0203099
Switch Services Ltd 0203012
Syntec Limited 0203001
Teledesign Ltd 0203050
Timico Limited 0203058
Verizon UK Ltd 0203008, 0203009, 0203043, 0203057, 0203060
Virgin Media Limited 0203042
Vodafone Ltd (C&W) 0203070, 0203082, 0203086
Vodafone Ltd (Thus) 0203063
Voicetec Systems Ltd 0203064
Wavecrest (UK) Ltd 0203097
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