What information can be found about phone numbers?
When a number is submitted to the search, the result displayed will contain information about the number, the geographical number code (area code), the number code status, the number type and if available the geographical area.

For which countries can number information be found?
This is telephone number range lookup just for UK numbers including covering all UK numbers type bithe geographic and national.

How to use the search?
Simply enter into the number field the telephone number in the format 10 or 11 digits number and press the “search” button.

Can I save link to search result of my number?
After successful number range lookup you may simply copy the URL of the result from the browsers address bar. This URL can be referred to directly and the relevant up to date details viewed.

Can I check the location of a telephone number?
Land line phonenumbers only, if you are wondering what geographical area is covered by which telephone code use our number checker to find out.

What are 084 and 087 numbers used for?
084 numbers (0844, 0845) and 087 numbers (0870, 0871, 0872) are non-geographic numbers used by businesses and organisations to provide a wide range of services such as sales lines, customer service/enquiry functions, recorded information services and much more.
They also used to provide pay-as-you-go dial-up narrowband internet services.
These numbers can allow the business or organisation using the number to receive a share of the call charge.
Calls to 084 and 087 numbers are generally more expensive than calls to ordinary geographic numbers (those starting with 01 and 02) and, until recently, were usually excluded from call packages. Some fixed line providers now include these calls in their packages.

What are 080 numbers used for?
Free phone numbers (0800, 0808) are mainly used by commercial organisations sales lines.

What are the benefits of 08 numbers?
08 numbers support a range of call systems and services that allow call centre operators to answer calls more quickly and efficiently. 08 numbers are non-geographic i.e. they are not determined by the location of the business unlike geographic numbers (01 or 02). This means that calls can often be put through to several locations (eg. three call centres using the same number), or can be put through to the nearest call centre to where you are calling from. These numbers include disaster recovery systems meaning that if, for example, one call centre has been affected by a flood, all calls would be re-routed to another call centre using the same number. Another feature of some 08 numbers is that they allow companies the option of ‘revenue sharing’. This is when the organisation is able to charge for the services they offer, such as having a call centre open 24 hours or payment for an advice line, by receiving some of the cost of the call. Examples of this include pay-as-you-go internet services, which often use 0845 numbers.
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